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Please be nice to other people! No one likes a bully.

Once you join the game, select the international server if you don't speak Japanese. Type any name you want into the name field, or leave it blank. (Tripcodes are accepted, if you know what those are.) To find a chatroom with other people, type #rula in the chatbox to warp to another room.

Strange World/dqn/04.sbsSecret AreaMellowchan
  • Unlock hidden gikos!
  • "Experimental" userscript (source)

    Gikopoi Music!
    OST 1: Gikopoi "Hilltop" song
    OST 2: Gikopoi "Seashore" song
    Theme A: ログアウトしたくない lyrics
    Theme B: BARギコっぽいONLINE海辺の町 lyrics

    Gikopoi Intl Superstructure Staff:
    • issue maker (CEO)
    1. PINTO ◆PINYEXSs8w
    2. zzazzachu
    3. killsushi
    4. Moon
    5. Little_mac
    6. puffy monster
    7. 醋Z◆c.WP/hBe..

    secret gikopoi server!